For the craftsman that concentrates on the details, we work for you. For the pro that puts quality first, we help you create stronger connections. Our purpose is simple—deliver the greatest return on every effort, so you get the best possible results for your business. Manufactured in the heart of America in Bryan, Ohio, SPAX® Engineered Fasteners are designed to dramatically increase jobsite productivity, reduce board splitting and eliminate pre-drilling in nearly any application. Every batch is tested under the toughest scenarios to deliver the greatest structural integrity in every connection. Our engineered fasteners are highly preferred by contractors across the country and designed to excel in virtually any material and project type. With the largest variety of diameters, lengths and head styles in the industry, SPAX is your single source for engineered fasteners. You’re not standard, neither are we. Rely on SPAX to amplify your craft.

The documents listed below assess the code compliance of specific SPAX® products. IBC Section 104 and IRC Section R104 allow for the use of alternative materials, design and methods of construction.

No. Report Title Product Name
TER 2010-02 SPAX® Construction Screw Properties
TER 2001-01 SPAX® PowerTrim™ Screw Properties
TER 1912-07 SPAX® PowerLags® Series Structural Wood Fasteners Properties
TER 1910-05 SPAX® ¼" x 2" Fastener Steel Side Plate Application
TER 1910-04 SPAX® #14 x 4" Fastener Properties
TER 1910-02 Use of SPAX® PowerLag® #14 x 4¾" and #14 x 6¼" Screws in Wall Connections: Truss/Rafter/Joist to Wall, Stud to Plate, and Plate to Rim Board
TER 1802-03 SPAX® 5/16" PowerLag® Fasteners for Use in Multi-Ply Truss, Sawn Lumber, and Engineered Wood Product Assemblies
TER 1711-01 SPAX® 5/16" PowerLags® Fasteners for Use in Deck Ledger Board Applications