About Us

DrJ believes that supporting product innovation for the construction marketplace has great value to consumers and the construction industry overall. We offer a new, streamlined approach for establishing the code compliance of alternative materials, methods and designs.

Our Mission

DrJ uses testing, building design, and installation experience to help innovation flourish.

Our History

Founded in 2011, DrJ Engineering LLC was started to support the construction industry by evaluating new and innovative building materials, products, and processes for use in the structural and building envelope sector. DrJ’s team includes 15 people with collectively over 150 years of engineering experience and code development involvement dating back to 1995. In 2015, DrJ was accredited by ANSI as a product certification body under ISO/IEC 17065 to provide certification within our area of expertise (Scope of Accreditation). We excel at providing code compliance for alternative materials by providing research reports, called Technical Evaluation Reports (TER) from DrJ. Since the beginning, our team of profession engineers (PE) has provided the option for signed and sealed TERs, giving clients, design professionals, and building officials a higher level of confidence in the certified product. 

Our Staff

Lindsay Braxler
Administrative Support & Billing Specialist
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Jessie Clark, E.I.T.
Technical Writer/Engineer
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Ryan Dexter, P.E.
Vice President
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Anastasia Feraco
Technical Writer/Engineer
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Ellen Henderson, P.E.
Project Engineer
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Kara Meverden
Customer Support Manager
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Angie Protexter
Sales Manager
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Evie Reinke
Customer Support Manager
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Jim Vogt, P.E.
Vice President
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Larry Wainright
VP of Technical Services
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