Quality Control Manual Assistance

As part of product certification, DrJ requires a quality control manual (QCM) from the manufacturer as well as inspections to confirm the manual is followed. The quality manual must meet the DrJ requirements. We recognize that for many, writing and updating quality control manuals is a daunting task. That is why we offer quality control manual services to help you meet the requirements as easily and painlessly as possible.

Quality Control Manual Writing

This service is great for those who would love to hand over the entire writing process. All you have to do is provide DrJ with the details of the quality system used, then review and sign the final draft.

  1. DrJ drafts a quality control manual for the certified product. We will ask questions to understand the process and write a manual that meets the requirements and is easy to follow. Already have a quality control manual you use? Not a problem – we can revise it to meet requirements.
  2. DrJ sends the draft to you for review. You make sure the manual accurately reflects your process as you will have inspections performed to verify compliance. If it meets your needs, sign and return to DrJ.
  3. DrJ provides both a Word and a PDF version of the final QCM. Our Word documents are formatted with you in mind – they are easy to update and will autofill information where helpful.

Quality Control Manual Updates

As part of a TER revision or annual review, it may be necessary for you to update your QCM. We can do this for you as part of the revision process.

  1. DrJ reviews the manual to see what needs to be updated based on the TER revision (e.g., new product addition) and makes all necessary updates so you are confident that your manual meets our requirements.
  2. DrJ sends the draft for you to review and approve.
  3. DrJ provides both a Word and a PDF version of the final QCM.

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