ANAB Accredited Certification Body

Simplifying the “ICC-Approval” Process

ICC’s approval procedure is called the ICC Product Approval Checklist for Code Officials. “ICC Approved” can also be termed ICC Accepted, ICC Report, ICC Evaluation, HUD Approved, OSHA Approved, NY Approved, Title 24 Approved, CA Approved, FL Approved, Los Angeles Approved, NYC Approved, DCA Approved, Chicago Approved, San Francisco Approved, Miami Dade Approved, as well as other terms specific to given markets. 

These market-specific terms all refer to the acceptance of accredited agencies. Therefore, in market terms, DrJ is “ICC-Approved.”

DrJ simplifies the code compliance process for innovators and is the only ANAB Accredited Third Party Certification Body to stand behind certifications with a PE seal. 

Verification Process

Acceptability of an approved agency, by a building official, is performed by verifying that the agency is accredited by a recognized accreditation body of the International Accreditation Forum (IAF). Examples include DrJ, ICC-ES, IAPMO, Intertek, and UL. Each accredited certification body, as a code-defined approved agency, is qualified to practice within their specified “accredited scopes.”

The IAF website states: “Once an accreditation body is a signatory of the IAF MLA, it is required to recognise certificates and validation and verification statements issued by conformity assessment bodies accredited by all other signatories of the IAF MLA, with the appropriate scope.” 

Code Acceptance for New Products

Building codes require that the building official shall accept duly authenticated reports or research reports from approved agencies and/or approved sources, including licensed Registered Design Professionals (RDPs), with respect to the quality and manner of use of new products, materials, designs, services, assemblies, or methods of construction. 

Please review our Accredited Scope Comparison to see a list of DrJ's areas of expertise.

Federal law, Title 18 US Code Section 242, supports that where the alternative product, material, service, design, assembly, and/or method of construction is not approved, any authority having jurisdiction shall respond in writing, stating the reasons why the alternative was not approved, as denial without written reason deprives a protected right to free and fair competition in the marketplace and may be viewed as discrimination.

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Accreditation Forum

IAF’s primary function is to develop a single worldwide program of conformity assessment that reduces risk for businesses and their customers by assuring them that accredited certificates and validation and verification statements may be relied upon.


Accreditation Body

ANAB is recognized as an Accreditation Body (AB) by the International Accreditation Forum.


ANAB Accredited Third Party Certification Body

DrJ is an accredited certification body, qualified to practice product and code compliance services within our specific ISO/IEC 17065 accreditation scope. In market terms, DrJ is “ICC-Approved.”


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