Listing and Technical Evaluation Report™

DrJ simplifies the building code compliance process for innovators and is the only ANAB Accredited Third-Party Certification Body to stand behind its certifications with a professional engineering seal. 

A CBI/DrJ Listing and Technical Evaluation Report™ (Listing/TER) evaluates a product or process based upon regulations (i.e., OSHA, HUD, state/local building codes, etc.) referenced standards, or DrJ’s PE approved rules as appropriate to each customer’s product, assembly, service and/or method of construction scope of expertise evaluation need. 

DrJ’s evaluation defines satisfaction of all regulatory compliance needs.

If you have ever heard anyone in the market say that your product needs “ICC approval,” this is the generic term for “ANAB ISO/IEC 17065 Certified.” 

Generic synonyms that are also used include: ICC Accepted, ICC Report, ICC Evaluation, HUD Approved, OSHA Approved, NY Approved, Title 24 Approved, CA Approved, FL Approved, Los Angeles Approved, NYC Approved, DCA Approved, Chicago Approved, San Francisco Approved, Miami Dade Approved, as well as other terms specific to given markets. These market-specific terms all refer to building official approval via 17065 accreditation.

ANAB 17065 certified refers to firms in their directory, which include CBIDrJICC-ESIAPMOIntertek, and UL. Each accredited certification body, as a code-defined approved agency, is qualified to practice within their specified areas of expertise, also known accredited scopes.

The IAF website states: “Once an accreditation body is a signatory of the IAF MLA, it is required to recognise certificates and validation and verification statements issued by conformity assessment bodies accredited by all other signatories of the IAF MLA, with the appropriate scope.” 

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If you are interested in working with CBI/DrJ to create a Listing/TER for a new product or process, more information is provided below. Please contact the CBI/DrJ team if you would like to discuss further or receive a proposal.

New Listing/TER Development

CBI/DrJ looks forward to collaborating with you on your new Listing/TER. To streamline the process, you can pull together relevant testing data, installation instructions, and quality control (QC) documentation. 

If you don’t have this information yet, don’t worry! Qualtim’s family of services is available to assist you with necessary testing and engineering analysis required to prepare a regulatory compliant duly authenticated report. From there, CBI/DrJ will review your information and partner with you to establish a scope of work and draft a Listing/TER that meets your product certification objectives. For more information, please review the CBI/DrJ Listing/TER development procedures here.

Annual Review of TERs

DrJ reviews all Listing/TERs annually to confirm continued code compliance. In order to do this, the following are or may be required from the client:


Quality Control (QC) is key to the certification process, as it allows DrJ to certify that the current product continues to perform as specified in the Listing/TER. Therefore, a signed contract between the manufacturer and an approved third party inspection agency is required, and the third party in-plant quality assurance inspections listed in the contract must be carried out. While the frequency of inspections may be more or less depending on the product type, inspections are generally performed on a quarterly basis.

Verification Test

Verification testing compares the current product to the original tested values. Verification testing is not required for all certified products. However, many clients find it helpful in understanding their product and improving both their QC system and the quality of their product.

Quality Control (QC) Manual Edits

Along with any changes to the Listing/TER, the QC Manual must be reviewed and updated every year and the updated version sent to DrJ for review and approval. DrJ will keep a signed copy of the QC Manual and reference it during the review process. 

Revision of Listing/TERs 

Revisions to Listing/TERs may be made at any time for anything from a product name change to a new product attribute.

Additional Listees or Private Labels 

Is your product distributed or manufactured by another company? If so, you may request to add them to the Listing/TER so the product distributed or produced by another company is certified as well. Additional listees will be required to complete and submit an additional listee form as an appendix to the original Listing/TER application supplied by DrJ. 

If a private label Listing/TER is required, the original report holder may authorize a duplicate Listing/TER under the name of a distributor. In this case, the content of the Listing/TER created will be linked to the original report holder’s Listing/TER. Any revisions requested for either the private label or the master Listing/TER will be made to both documents.

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