TER Supplements

A supplement is a single-page document added to the end of a TER to clearly communicate to users that the product meets specific jurisdiction codes. While a TER without a supplement can be used anywhere to prove code compliance, a supplement provides confidence to building officials in a specific jurisdiction that the product has been reviewed for their specific code requirements.

A supplement is different than approval by that jurisdiction. For example, DrJ provides Florida Building Code (FBC) Supplements and performs Florida Product Approval evaluations for submission to the Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation (DBPR) to obtain statewide approval. However, you can get a FBC Supplement separate from applying to the Florida DBPR for approval by local jurisdictions.

Here are some common supplements we provide, but we can do a supplement for any jurisdiction you need: 

  • Florida Building Code (FBC) Supplement
  • California Building Code (CBC) Supplement
  • Los Angeles Building Code (LABC) Supplement

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