Florida Product Approval

FBC Organization Numbers for DrJ ServicesDrJ Engineering, LLC has been designated as an approved agency by the Florida Building Commission (FBC) to meet your Florida product evaluation, product certification, and professional engineering needs. 

Products that are approved by the Florida Building Commission are automatically approved by Florida building officials. Without a Florida Product Approval (FPA), each local jurisdiction has to approve products independently. For more information, see Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation (DBPR) Product Evaluation and Approval.

Based on DrJ’s experience, our goal is to help you manage the FPA process efficiently, streamlining the typical 30-60 days needed to complete FPA application and Florida DBPR and/or Florida Building Commission processing for final approval. We help in the following ways:

FPA Submission as Certification Agency & Product Evaluation Entity

If your product(s) are certified by DrJ, we can submit the FPA application for you. We complete the entire application process using your DrJ certification as substantiation.

This approach is the most efficient way to gain FBC approval. Once validation is complete, DBPR approval is usually granted in about ten days.

FPA Submission as Florida Engineer

If you have products that are not certified by DrJ, yet meet the requirements for product approval per FL Rule 61G20-3.001, we can facilitate the FPA process. We work with you to submit the product data needed for the FPA application. Then we work with an independent Licensed Florida Professional Engineer to validate the FPA. This process requires more documentation:

  1. An engineering evaluation report, sealed and signed by DrJ or another Florida PE.
  2. A certificate of independence.
  3. A quality assurance contract with Center for Building Innovation or a Florida DBPR-approved Product Quality Assurance Entity and a copy of your quality control manual for the product(s).

This option averages about 60 days to complete based upon DBPR critique, public comments, and timing of the FBC approval cycle.

FPA Administrative Evaluation/Validation

Each FPA requires validation by an independent Florida PE. For this option, DrJ does not submit the FPA application. DrJ merely provides a Florida PE administrative review and validates the FPA submission.

DrJ completes the validation process inside of two days and emails a copy of the completed validation form to the Florida DBPR. Note that after validation, the FPA will have “Pending FBC Approval” status and will be complete upon FBC review.

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