Florida Product Approval

Florida Product Approval (FPA) is an optional program instituted by the Florida Building Commission (FBC) and administered by the Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation (DBPR) to aid local building officials in the approval of products. Products that are approved by the Commission cannot be rejected by the local jurisdiction. Without the approval, it is up to each local jurisdiction to approve the product independently. FPAs tell building officials and other Florida building professionals that the product is approved by the Commission for use in the state. For more information from the Florida DBPR, see Product Evaluation and Approval.

At DrJ, we understand this can be an overwhelming and time-consuming process. We can take care of this for you in the following ways:

FPA Submission as Certification Agency

If the product(s) you want submitted for FPA are also certified by DrJ, we can submit the FPA application for you. We complete the entire application process using your DrJ certification as substantiation and work with an independent Licensed Florida Professional Engineer to validate the application.

This process is usually the most efficient for receiving FBC approval. Once validation is complete, DBPR approval is usually granted in about ten days provided there are no additional points of clarification requested by DBPR.

FPA Submission as Florida Engineer

If you have products that are not certified by DrJ and are available for product approval per FL Rule 61G20-3.001, we can still help with the FPA process. We submit the entire application and work with an independent Licensed Florida Professional Engineer to validate the application. This process does require more documentation:

  1. A FL sealed engineering report, either by DrJ or another entity.
  2. A certificate of independence by the same engineer.
  3. Quality assurance contract with a Florida DBPR-approved Product Quality Assurance Entity and a copy of your quality control manual for the product(s).

This option averages about 60 days to complete based on the FBC approval cycle and the amount of clarifications requested or public comments received.

FPA Administrative Evaluation/Validation

FPA requires validation by an independent Licensed Florida Professional Engineer. For this option, DrJ does not submit the application. Once the application has been submitted, DrJ provides an administrative review and validates the submission to assure it meets FPA requirements. No technical review is performed.

Once the application is ready for DrJ validation, DrJ will complete the process within two days. We review and email a copy of the completed form to the Florida DBPR. Note that after validation, the FPA is not completed until approved by the FBC and will have “Pending FBC Approval” status.

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