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Simplifying the Code Compliance Process

As an accredited certification body, DrJ Engineering, LLC is qualified to practice product and code compliance services within our specific ISO/IEC 17065 accreditation scope. We stand behind our certifications with a PE seal so innovators can bring new products to market with confidence.

The ANAB accreditation process exists to meet code  requirements as stated in IBC Section 1707.1: “the building official shall accept duly authenticated reports from approved agencies in respect to the quality and manner of use of new materials or assemblies as provided for in Section 104.11.”

DrJ’s accreditation ensures our code compliance certifications for materials, designs, and methods of construction are impartial, independent, objective, and meet the Approved Agency requirements of IBC Section 1703.1. Each accredited certification body, as a code defined Approved Agency, is qualified to practice in their area of “accredited scopes” expertise. 

Review DrJ's Scope Comparison to see a listing of service scopes for five ANAB accredited certification bodies.

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Focusing on Areas of Professional Engineering Expertise

Our ANSI/ANAB accreditation covers a broad range of engineering and construction categories in general:

  • Protection Against Fire (13.220)
  • Fasteners (21.060)
  • Energy & Heat Transfer Engineering In General (27.010)
  • Solar Energy Engineering (27.160)
  • Insulating Materials (29.035)
  • Products of the Chemical Industry (71.100)
  • Corrosion of Metals (77.060)
  • Iron &Steel Products (77.140)
  • Products Of Non-Ferrous Metals (77.150)
  • Wood, Sawlogs & Sawn Timber (79.040)
  • Wood-Based Panels (79.060)
  • Semi-Manufactures of Timber (79.080)
  • Glass (81.040)
  • Plastics (83.080)
  • Cellular Materials (83.100)
  • Reinforced Plastics (83.120)
  • Rubber & Plastics Products (83.140)
  • Adhesives (83.180)
  • Construction Industry (91.010)
  • Buildings (91.040)
  • Elements of Buildings (91.060)
  • Structures of Buildings (91.080)
  • External Structures (91.090)
  • Construction Materials (91.100)
  • Protection of and in Buildings (91.120)
  • Interior Finishing (91.180)
  • Building Accessories (91.190)
  • Construction Technology (91.200)
  • Civil Engineering in General (93.010)
  • Earthworks. Excavations. Foundation Construction. Underground Works (93.020)

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