IBC Section 1703

DrJ is an ISO/IEC 17065 accredited product certification body. The 17065 accreditation process ensures that all product certification bodies (DrJ, UL, ICC-ES, IAPMO, etc.) comply with the requirements of 2018 International Building Code (IBC) Section 1703. DrJ meets these requirements in the following ways:

  • Independence is maintained in accordance with IBC Section 1703.1.1.
  • Personnel are competent to perform the work in accordance with IBC Section 1703.1.3.
  • DrJ Technical Evaluation Reports (TERs) provide the building official with the information required to approve a product in accordance with IBC Section 1703.2 through Section 1703.4.
  • Products certified by DrJ bear a certification mark and/or the TER number in accordance with IBC Section 1703.5.
  • Follow-up inspections are performed by an ISO/IEC 17020 third-party agency for quality assurance to verify that the labeled product or material is representative of the material or product tested in accordance with IBC Section 1703.5.2. Per ISO/IEC 17065, DrJ administers evaluation activities for third-party inspections.
  • Where required, evaluation and follow-up services are provided in accordance with IBC Section 1703.6.


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