ANSI Accreditation

Each accredited certification body is qualified by their accreditation agency to practice product and code compliance services within their specific scope of accreditation, which can be found on the accreditation agency's website. 

DrJ Engineering, LLC focuses on areas of professional engineering expertise, including building construction with IBC, IRC, IECC, IFC, and local codes.

DrJ’s ISO/IEC 17065 accreditation covers a broad range of engineering and construction categories in general:

  • Buildings (91.040)
  • Elements of Buildings (91.060)
  • Structures of Buildings (91.080)
  • Construction Materials (91.100) 
  • Civil Engineering (93.010)

Regional Accreditation Group




Product Certification Agency


Scope of Accreditation

Proactively Maintain Independence Between Each Party Involved in the Quality Control Process

17065 Certification Services

In-Plant Quality Control Program Product Manufacturer

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Approved, Independent 17020 Accredited Quality Assurance and Inspection Services

Benchmark International (BMH) - 
“Independently accredited by IAS for the provision of third party inspection”

Columbia Resources & Testing (CRT)
“Inspection services supported by ICBO, ACI, AWS, ASNT, and NICET certified inspectors and by professional engineers” 

PFS Corporation  -
“PFS TECO maintains approvals and accreditations through various regulatory agencies”

QAI - 
“Independent third-party inspection organization accredited by IAS & SCC”

R&D Services - 
“...our inspection methods and reports are endorsed by international organizations and accepted worldwide.”

“Quality assurance inspection agency recognized by IAS”

“Independent wholly owned testing and third party inspection subsidiary of Structural Building Components Association (SBCA)”

“Accredited by FINAS”

DrJ Meets and Exceeds IBC Requirements per Section 1703

  • Independent
  • Personnel
  • Labelling
  • Inspection
  • Evacuation

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