QC Requirements

DrJ Engineering, LLC is committed to ensuring the products certified in its Technical Evaluation Reports (TERs) continue to meet or exceed the specified building code requirements. To do so, and to remain compliant with ISO/IEC 17065 accreditation, DrJ will need to review your quality documentation on an ongoing basis. Therefore, in order to maintain your TER(s), you must provide DrJ with your quality assurance materials, which include your:

As a reminder, the following items are required as part of the terms and conditions of certification:

  • The DrJ name, mark, or report number may only be used on products that are in compliance with a TER and the approved quality control manual.
  • Manufacturer will promptly investigate and respond to DrJ when apprised by DrJ of complaints concerning product performance.
  • Manufacturer agrees to permit DrJ representatives to examine, at distribution points and the manufacturing plant, any product labeled as being in conformance with a TER.
  • DrJ will be notified in writing if there is a change in the product from what was originally recognized in the TER.
  • All test/inspection results and reports shall be sent by the third-party testing or inspection agency directly to DrJ.