Evaluation procedures and certification process

If a client, personnel, or anyone acting on DrJ's behalf needs explanation about how specific standards apply to a certification scheme, they may request information or clarification from DrJ’s VP Technical Services. Clarification may be provided verbally or in writing.

Prior to commencing work on a product certification, DrJ requires clients to submit a new project package. DrJ uses the included information to determine whether the submitted product can be evaluated per the certification scheme. As part of the package, the client must submit the quality control documentation specified in QF 24 DrJ Quality Control Criteria. DrJ may request further information from the client as necessary.

Upon receipt of the new project package, the VP Technical Services shall conduct a review to identify whether it includes sufficient information. If deficiencies are found, the scope of the evaluation is not clear, or there are any differences in understanding between DrJ and the client, DrJ will contact the client in an attempt to reach resolution.

The VP Technical Services shall further assess whether or not DrJ has the means, ability, and competence to perform the evaluation sought. In doing so, the VP Technical Services reviews the product, required standards, and scheme, and then identifies any items with which DrJ has had no prior experience. If such an item is identified, the VP Technical Services and Vice President shall determine whether DrJ has the competence and capability to perform the evaluation. If DrJ does not have the competence or capability, it will decline the request.

Where DrJ omits specific requirements of a scheme based on previous work done for the client or work done by other clients, DrJ shall document the justification for the omission and include it with all other supporting documentation.