Big Timber®

The documents listed below assess the code compliance of specific Big Timber® products. IBC Section 104 and IRC Section R104 allow for the use of alternative materials, design and methods of construction.

No. Report Title Product Name
1911-05 Big Timber® Screws Used in Wall Connections: Truss/Rafter/Joist to Top Plate and Bottom Plate to Rim Board
1911-04 Big Timber® WTX Wood Screw Properties
1911-03 Big Timber® CAB Cabinet Screw Properties
1911-02 Big Timber® STX and SCTX Stainless Screw Properties
1911-01 Big Timber® BTX and YTX General Purpose Screw Properties
1907-05 Big Timber® Cladding Attachment through Foam Sheathing
1907-04 Big Timber® Multi-Ply Applications
1907-03 Big Timber® Screws for Use in Deck Ledger Applications
1907-02 Big Timber® BL & GL Screw Properties
1907-01 Big Timber® CTX Construction Lag Screw Properties