Atlas Roofing Corporation

Atlas Roofing Corporation is an innovative, customer-oriented manufacturer of residential and commercial building materials. Atlas has grown from a single shingle-manufacturing plant into an industry leader with 24 facilities across North America.

The documents listed below assess the code compliance of specific Atlas Roofing Corporation products. IBC Section 104 and IRC Section R104 allow for the use of alternative materials, design and methods of construction.

No. Report Title Product Name
TER 2309-04 EnergyShield® and ThermalStar® Extended Plate Wall Systems
TER 2305-04 Cladding Attachment for Atlas EnergyShield® Ply, ThermalStar® Nailbase, and Wood Structural Panels Over Atlas ThermalStar® & EnergyShield® Products
TER 2209-01 Use of EnergyShield® XR Insulation in Areas of “Very Heavy” Probability of Termite Infestation
TER 2202-01 EnergyShield® Products as the Primary Water Resistive Barrier and Air Barrier
TER 1905-02 ThermalStar® Structural Insulating Sheathing
TER 1306-03 Fire Performance of EnergyShield® Products in Buildings of Type I-V Construction
No. Report Title Product Name
TER 1701-03 Atlas ThermalStar One Legacy Document
TER 1405-01 Infinish ES & Infinish ES2 Fire Performance in Interior Exposed Conditions Legacy Document
TER 1311-02 Atlas Laminated Continuous Insulation – Structural Sheathing (LCi-SS) Legacy Document