Addressing Product Innovation, Code Approval, and Professional Engineering

The “alternative materials, designs or methods of construction,” found in the building code are often misunderstood, leading to the statement: “I need an ICC report.”

An ANSI 17065 accredited evaluation report (IBC Section 1704.3.2) shall gain immediate approval, per California laws. An ANAB 17065 accredited evaluation report is equivalent to the generic terms “ICC report,” “ICC evaluation report,” “ICC-ES technical evaluation,” or “ICC-ES Report”. Also equivalent are a professional engineer’s sealed technical evaluation report, specialty design drawing (i.e. truss design drawing), research report, and so forth.

Over 80 ANAB accredited organizations provide certified product evaluation reports. Each organization complies with the approval requirements of “IBC Section 1703 Approvals.” Section 1703 is adopted into CA law through the CA adoption of the IBC language.

In the context of creating a competitive market, the importance of product innovation and protecting proprietary knowledge and Intellectual Property (IP) is pinnacle to the California concept of free, fair, vigorous and competitive marketplaces. California is very interested in learning about any discrimination taking place in the California markets. Please contact DrJ if you experience ANAB code compliance or professional engineering denials in the course of doing business.

Support of Concepts by CA Attorney General & Professional Engineering Licensing Board

  1. California Product Evaluation Process for Code Compliance
  2. Superseding a California Professional Engineer’s Decision Making Process
  3. Requests of Companies to Provide Proprietary Intellectual Property/Test Data

DrJ Support Documents to Aid with Code Compliance and Approval of Your Innovations

  1. Business Case for Immediate Code Approval of a DrJ “ANAB 17065 Technical Evaluations”
  2. DrJ’s Specialty Engineering Role Defined – Professional Responsibility Assumed by an Approved Source
  3. DrJ’s Specialty Engineering Approach – Taking Responsibility – Quick Path to Sales