Technical Evaluation Reports – Bringing Products to Market

A New Road to Code Compliance

TERObtaining code compliance for a product can be a complicated and drawn-out process – but not anymore. DrJ offers a new, streamlined approach to code compliance with Technical Evaluation Reports (TERs) that summarize a material, design or method's code compliance. DrJ's TERs are completed using normative reference standards and the applicable codes. DrJ has received ISO/IEC 17065 accreditation, an international standard for ensuring the competence of organizations that perform product certifications.

"A Technical Evaluation Report insures that a product is evaluated to meet the specific performance requirements of the appropriate sections of the appropriate building code. TERs are recognized and accepted by code officials in every jurisdiction we sell."
– Paul Lautrup

TERs Qualify for Building Official Approval

TERs are developed from test reports that comply with IBC Section 104.11.1 Research reports: “Supporting data, where necessary to assist in the approval of materials or assemblies not specifically provided for in this code, shall consist of valid research reports from approved sources.”

DrJ is an Approved Agency, and DrJ’s building construction professionals meet the IBC’s competency requirements and can seal their work in 47 states in the U.S.

What Does Certifying a Product with DrJ Mean for Me?

Common questions about TERs and the certification process, answered. 

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